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#522 Unilateral Weight Carry

unilateral weight carry

The Unilateral Weight Carry is built with sturdy wire. It is strong and functional.



The Unilateral Weight Carry is a one-handed carry designed to be used during functional capacity evaluations for the right hand and the left hand carry. It is also very helpful during work hardening programs. It has been designed to simulate most closely the items that would be carried in a work setting. Its construction allows easy placement of either metal disk weights or cuff weights. The hand grip has been ergonomically designed to fit hands so the grip attachment is not the limiting factor in the carry.



Its design allows carrying to be accomplished without excessive swinging of the weight or sharp edges against the leg as with other carry devices. Since the purpose of the carry is to provide maximum testing and maximum function, the design of this container should assist the client in reaching their optimum performance.  



Muscle development depending upon application and work task simulation:

Hand grip

Wrist flexors



Rotator cuff muscles

Scapular stabilizers

Trunk stabilizers

Ambulation muscles 


Product #522

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