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#426 PCE Hand Coordination Set (Short Version)

hand coordination set

The PCE – Hand Coordination Set (Short Version) consists of two separate boards for hand coordination tasks. Each are made with high quality laminated work surfaces. Specific tasks include: Round blocks, Nut, bolt, and PCE pegboard.


All PCE activities can be placed to provide activity while increasing sitting or standing tolerance and can be utilized to improve precision or speed. This standardized fine motor evaluation is one of the subsets in the functional capacity evaluation. Specifically the PCE – Hand Coordination Set boards include:


Nut and bolt assembly which is compatible with fine or moderate perhension.

Peg, washer, sleeve test - fine thumb-finger perhension of small objects in sequential work.  



Muscle development depending upon application and work task simulation:

Long finger musculature

Intrinsic finger musculature

All write musculature

Elbow stabilizers

Neck stabilizers


Shoulder stabilizers 


Product #426

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