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#518 Adjustable Shelving Unit

adjustable shelving unit

The Adjustable Shelving Unit stands 80” high with shelves measuring 11.5” x 30”. The frame is heavy duty metal construction. The shelves are made of armor code with durable Formica laminate top surface. Shelves with withstand 450psi. 



The Adjustable Shelving Unit is used to evaluate the lifting and carrying subset in the function capacity evaluation. It can also be used during sitting, standing and hand coordination subtests. It is appropriate for work conditioning and work hardening programs and is designed to be easily adjusted to accommodate working at various heights.  



Muscle development depending upon application and work task simulation:

Shoulder flexors and extensors

Biceps and triceps

Wrist extensors

Hand grip

Upper back and neck stabilizers

Trunk stabilizers

Hip extensors


Plantar flexors


Product #518

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