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#630E Shimpo Force Gauge

shimpo force guage

The Shimpo Force Gauge, model FGE500H is a heavy duty digital push/pull dynamometer which is used to measure push/pull force. This unit reads peak forces. The scale measures in pounds and kilograms, with a maximum range of 500 pounds. The unit itself weighs two pounds. Accuracy +/- 0.2% features a digital display, a low battery indicator and an auto power shut-off. Can be powered using rechargeable NiCad batteries or an AC adapter (included).



The Shimpo force Gauge retains peak reading until rest on actual tasks and task simulations including:

Versatile-Application Push

Versatile-Application Pull  



Muscle development depending upon application and work task simulation:

Shoulder flexors and extensors

Biceps and triceps

Wrist flexors and extensors

Hand grip

All trunk stabilizers

Neck stabilizers

Hip extensors and flexors

Knee extensors and flexors

Ankle stabilizers

Plantar flexors 


Product #630E

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