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Tools you need for your patients therapy recovery!

Serving our customers for over 40 years in the business providing Occupational & Physical Therapy Equipment!


Since 1985, Creative Specialists International has been providing quality Functional Capacity Evaluation products to hospitals and clinics worldwide. We create the products used for occupational and physical therapy testing and medicine.


Our products are used in Physical Therapy and Work Hardening Programs. These programs evaluate the initial physical limitations of a patient and monitor improvements in their physical abilities. Some of the uses for our products include: Shelving, Lifting Equipment, Work Conditioning, Work Hardening, EFT, Work Simulation,  lifting and carrying tasks, pushing and pulling force measurements, overhead work tolerance testing, fine motor evaluation, and more.


Our quality products are designed and built to last for your Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE), Job Site Analysis (JSA) and other Essential Function Tests. If you have any questions about our company or if you would like additional information about our products you may fill out the form on our Contact page. You may also call us at (218) 879-1922. 


Physical Therapy 

Please note: customers outside the US to email or phone in their orders for shipping quotes!
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